Friday, February 29, 2008

Ramblings Of A Caffeinated Mind 9.6

Last Night
I went to a party last night for supporters of Equality Texas. It was at a hacienda in River Oaks and it was a very nice evening. This event was competing with a Hillary rally but it was still a good turnout.

Many familiar faces and friends in the crowd including Str8 Up With A Twist readers: Kenny In Montrose, AttyFrank, Steve In Montrose, & Timbergrove Shane. The Mesteller-Reeves entourage was en masse which is always fun. Fellow Legacy Board members were there as well as a couple of politicos (Ellen Cohen & Garnet Coleman). And of course The Most Handsome Man In Houston was there (a title that was bestowed upon him by me and AttyHou a few years ago).

The wine flowed freely and the more freely it poured the more lively the conversations. At some point, most of my (scott) Mesteller conversations get around to Pet Shop Boys (PSB)...and it happened again last night. It had actually started in the car with Upper Kirby Steven when we were listening to Losing My Mind and once again I brought up the Liza version. We agreed it is a bit creepy.

So as I'm reliving the pre-defensive driving Screwdriver cocktails story with (scott) Mesteller it turns out that Upper Kirby Steven is a big PSB fan too! We're everywhere I tell ya. I'm willing to bet we're 10% of the population. It was a very fun evening.

February 29
from Time and Date
A leap year is a year in which one extra day has been inserted, or intercalated, at the end of February. A leap year consists of 366 days, whereas other years, called common years, have 365 days.

Trail Rides
Today, my little corner of NoRO will have horses and chuck wagons coming through it. I'm not kidding ya folks. It will start around 12 noon.

Of the 12 trail rides, 3 will almost be at my doorstep and as much as I enjoy seeing the contrast of the Old West to Modern Houston, it messes up traffic. At least I'll be prepared for it this year and won't try to be out and about.

The Calvinator doesn't like horses so I won't be taking him to watch. Listed below is information about the history of the trail rides. The three in blue are the three that will almost be at my doorstep. And when you look at the distance that some of these people have traveled, well, I'm just thinking sore butts.

And then tomorrow morning, all of them will leave Memorial Park and go to downtown for the parade. We're talking LOTS of horses.

from Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Nothing brings to mind the Old West like a modern-day trail ride. Pioneers created trails as they moved west in search of a dream and cowboys created trails to take cattle to major market centers. While these routes are no longer a necessity in daily life, more than 4,000 riders saddle up each February to relive the Old West as part of 13 trail rides leading to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™.

In January of 1952, several men formed the very first trail ride as a way to increase awareness of the Show. Though only four men made the first journey from Brenham, Texas, the attention they raised attracted more publicity than ever expected, as more than 80 men signed up the next year. The trail rides are a signature tradition of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo today.

Today’s riders hit the trail in an attempt to recreate the Old West, and in doing so, find a common ground that links us all to the Show. A sense of history and pride resides in each rider; igniting envy and intrigue in each child as they watch the trail riders and hope to one day join them.
  • Los Vaqueros Rio Grande from Reynosa, Mexico (386 miles)

  • The Mission Trail from San Antonio (235)

  • Northeastern from Beaumont (108 miles)

  • Old Spanish Trail from Logans Port, Louisiana (216 miles)

  • Prairie View from Sunnyside (107 miles)

  • Salt Grass from Cat Springs (90 miles)

  • Sam Houston from Montgomery (70 miles)

  • Southwest from Sargent (102 miles)

  • Spanish Trail from Coldsprings (126 miles)

  • Texas Cattlemans from Anderson (85 miles)

  • Texas Independence from Brazoria (98 miles)

  • Valley Lodge from Brookshire (71 miles)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


on the telly:

Person #1: "Can I mix gin with vodka?"
Person #2: "Not after Labor Day!"


So yesterday when Bill Clinton was doing his parking lot rally at Fiesta I sort of had a flashback to the movie Mahogany.

Bryan (Billy Dee Williams) was running for office and would do parking lot rallies and campaign at factories. Tracy/Mahogany (Diana Ross) would stand in the crowd and heckle him (it was planned). He is stating his platform and she wants to know what he is going to do for her.

I can't remember exactly what she says to him but it is something like, "My man left me. Can you bring him home?"...or something like that.

I sort of expected Tracy/Mahogany to be in the crowd yesterday and heckle Bill about cheating on his wife. Maybe he is paying his dues for that by showing up in parkling lots of grocery stores?

Welcome Back

OMG! A few minutes ago I recieved an email fron LoneStarSteve (LSS). LSS is one of the first bloggers that I read several years ago. He was my inspiration to create Str8 Up With A Twist.

I was in the process of writing a play about LSS disappearing from the blogosphere. The name of the play: Come Back To The Blogosphere, LoneStarSteve, LoneStarSteve! So I guess the ending to my play will be a bit different from Come Back To The Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

(I always thought the character portrayed by Karen Black was the best character and I was going to be the mirror image in my own play.)

Glad to have you back LSS!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton Rally (part 2...Bill arrives)

I swear. Bill Clinton must have some Mexican genes. I know that he is always late but geez he was late today. And I'm sure the rest of the schedule for the day was messed up.

So just as Annise and Sylvia are about to sing and dance for us (and maybe even ask me to get up and help them out) we see the motorcade arrive and the crowd goes wild. Hillary signs everywhere and people are clapping and cheering. And just like that, the SUV that Bill is riding in is right there almost in front of me. And Secret Service agents descend upon us like flies on poop.

Sylvia and Annise are behind the flag exchanging pleasantries with Bill and next thing you know he is on stage.

Bill gave a great speech. It wasn't all about Bill...although he did defend himself at one point when he made reference to things that have been said about the '90s. The three things he talked about: healthcare; the war in Iraq; education. He got me excited and energized.

I know that most of the people there probably were already Hillary supporters. I will say that it was good for me to have someone reiterate her position on these topics.

Bill kept looking in my direction. And no I wasn't wearing a Lewinsky beret. I was wearing some cool sunglasses that always receive positive comments. And I was wearing a baseball cap that had a variation of the U.S. flag.

And I would shake my head in agreement when he was talking. He was preaching to the choir sistah!

He is quite the orator. He hasn't lost his touch. And he still doesn't know when to stop talking. LOL

So he finally finishes and it's time to work the crowd. And then I feel a surge of people coming up from behind me pushing me even closer to the man and now a lady in front of me. in 9 months, two birth announcements.
As Bill is getting closer, I feel like I'm going to fall over because someone is pushing. I'm trying to hang on to my sign AND take pictures but I'm afraid of falling and taking people down with me.
So I decide I'm not going to shake his hand because I'm actually beginning to panic. There are people pushing their way through to the front...and then I figure out what is part of the situation. There are SS agents moving through the crowd while Bill is in front of us. Well there's no getting out of this crowd.
Here is Bill just as he is getting up to me. I'm still not trying to shake his hand...I'm trying to stay upright and take pics.
So then he comes right over to me and tries to grab my hand (which is not extended) and so in a split second I put down the camera and shake his hand...sort was an awkward handshake.
He went on his way...

And I went and got my free breakfast taco.
I got back to NoRO and put Hillary's sign in a front window.
Hillary is going to be in H-town on Thursday night. I've already made other plans and by the time I get to the venue I'm sure I would end up in the peanut gallery.

Hillary Clinton Rally (part 1...waiting for Bill)

I got to the parking lot of Fiesta Grocery Store a bit later than planned. When I arrived, the news crews were already there waiting to televise and film the rally.
Here is the Fiesta Grocery Store on Kirby near Reliant Stadium.
They roped off the area and when I got there at 740a this was closest I could get to the stage. I mean really. Surely they weren't going to make us stand THAT far away from the stage or were VIPs going to be able to get in front of us.
Around 750a, some men starting taking down the tape that was serving as a barricade and were telling people they could now get closer. Many of you know that I run so as soon as the coast was clear I took off running and so did everyone else.
This was close! I let some shorter people get in front of me. I'm not that tall but there were people shorter than me. As you can see, people were crammed in with their signs. I was so close to the man in front of me, I expect to hear from him in 9 months to announce the birth of our child. Annise Parker, City Controller for Houston was there and working the crowd while we waited for Bill's arrival.
This Secret Service agent kept an eye on us. He wasn't the only one there; he was the most photogenic.
So while we waited for Bill, some mariachis entertained us. The SS agent was not tapping his toes or clapping his hands. He was watching us. The mariachis were very entertaining but where was Bill?

The mariachis played for at least 30+ minutes. I knew most of the songs. I couldn't clap my hands because I was squished into the crowd and I was holding a Hillary sign and I had my camera.
And he continued to watch us. I think he was a bit jealous that he left his maracas at home.

So the mariachis go through the repetoire. People were shouting out songs for them to play. They played La Bamba. They played La Cucaracha. They played Jalisco. They played and played and played but they NEVER played Volver! They left and we continued to wait. Finally Annise takes the stage and tells us that Bill is on his way.

County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia was there to lend her support. She reminded us of what former Governor Ann Richards said about a woman being able to do a man's job and being able to do it wearing high heels.

Bill was still running late and the mariachis had long departed. Annise and Sylvia were about to do a soft shoe routine. While we continued to wait, people would drive by and stare. What was interesting is that the truck drivers and taxi drivers would toot their horns to show their support. The crowd waiting for Bill was very mixed. A good representation of Houston.


on Dr. Phil

He says: "This is MySpace not YourSpace."
She says: "This ain't MyCheatin'Space."

What A Day

Here it is only 10:30 and I'm worn out. Not so much physically and not so much emotionally...maybe mentally?

I slept later than planned this morning. I kept hitting the snooze alarm. Finally got out of bed and realized it was going to be a beautiful day.

So I'm out walking The Calvinator, enjoying the chill in the air. As we're heading back toward the house, I see one of my neighbors out walking his dog. Hadn't seen him in awhile and it is always good to talk to him so this is a nice surprise to see him.

We're talking and he says that he is glad he ran into me. He has something to tell me...and he wasn't smiling. In a split second my mind goes racing in a hundred different directions. He then tells me that he is moving to another part of town but his wife is staying in the house. They're splitting up. This is another case of I never would have guessed. He is taking the dog with him.

It wasn't appropriate to ask questions so all I could say was that I was sorry to hear that and that on many different levels I'm sorry to see him leave the neighborhood.

It really caught me off-guard. Maybe if I had already had my daily dose of my addiction it wouldn't have hit me as hard.

So, now I'm really late for my next venture. I had received an email that Bill Clinton (the former President) was going to be making some stops in Houston and the first one was at 800a. Having some first hand knowledge of how a day of campaigning can go, I wanted to be at the first stop because once you're late it sets the rest of the schedule behind.

I'll be posting a commentary later about the rally (with pics). I walked away from there feeling happy again and feeling hopeful.

Change seems to be the word of day and all I'm saying is that I'm ready.

And I finally got my coffee!

EDIT @ 1:30P: I went running at Memorial Park at noon. Just had to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. I have a meeting this evening so I won't be able to enjoy this evening. I'm doing post-run stretching in the jungle gym area and out of nowhere Viv comes up and says hello! Wow! What a nice treat! We were chatting and I said something about Ethel Kennedy being at Obama's HQ at 11a but I didn't want to go to his HQ to see her and she says, "What time is it?" I said, "12:40." She says, "twelve four zero?" And I say, "yes." Next thing I know I see a streak of lavendar go running away from me. LOL Viv...hope you made it to your destination on time...and safely.

See you lattte!

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Project Runway alert

Don't forget! Tonight is Part 1 of the of the 2-Part Season Finale. Contestants prepare for Fashion Week. The big question is: Who gets selected to join Christian and Jillian? Is it Rami or Chris?

I'll be watching with The Calvinator.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel & Ben Affleck

OK...I sort of heard about this but didn't pay much attention to it. Then some tabloid tv show mentioned it and I sort of heard more about. Well thanx to YouTube I was able to find it.

If you are at work, you may not want to play it at work because all of the bleeping will get you some attention. It gave me a good laugh today. And I realize that I'm probably the last person to post this.

Ramblings Of A Caffeinated Mind 9.5

Something I forgot to show you
Bobby Vanquish snapped this pic of some cool looking Absolut bottles. I had heard about them but had never seen them.

Sh_t Happens
Seriously. It really does! Yesterday I was driving down Memorial Drive, enjoying the beautiful weather and out of the corner of my eye I see something on the front passenger window of The Cal Mobile. It wasn't there a second ago.

I swear. It must have been a really big bird to leave this deposit! It actually kind of made me sick. I lost my appetite. Seriously.

So I went home and got the water hose and washed it off...after I took the pics.
Catching Up
The other day I went to a party and was very suprised to see someone there that I had not seen in years! He is one of those people that I lost touch with and it was good to visit with him. And actually, it was a good mix of people and the guest of honor looked really pleased with the assembled group. (Just wish I didn't drink so much!)

Down Under
Tall Bryan of the ATL is in Sydney right now and he sent these pics. I need to go back to SYD. Looks like they're having beautiful weather.

And Speaking of Things Down Under
With or without the Wolverine sideburns he still looks good. Hugh Jackman was at the beach the other day enjoying the weather Down Under. I wish I had those abs, pec and arms. Thanx to Just Jared for posting the pics.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

AIDS Walk Houston 2008

On Sunday March 9, 2008 several thousand people will gather downtown for AIDS Walk Houston. It is a 5K (3.1 miles) course.

Even though progress has been made since HIV/AIDS first came onto the landscape, a cure still has not been discovered. Houstonians continue to contract HIV at an alarming rate. HIV doesn't know the boundaries of sexual orientation, gender or ethnicity.

Money raised from the walk will be used for education and prevention programs, pediatric care, housing, food, and medical care.

Readers of this blog will remember that I was involved with World AIDS Day Houston 2007. In a previous post I did a memorial to friends. In another post I gave my reasons for being involved with World AIDS Day Houston 2007. And in another post I gave some statistics about HIV/AIDS.

I hope that you will read some of my previous posts on this blog and then consider making a contribution to the walk. Anything that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated and go to a good cause.

You can click here to the walk's website.

Yesterday I was still feeling a bit caddywampus when I woke up. I did make it to the park for a run but then I couldn't find my keys. I had the little clicker thing but I didn't have the actual key chain (I always carry the clicker thing with me when I run but leave keys in the car). I tore up the car looking for the keys, went to the Tennis Center to see if anyone had turned them in, went back to the car and finally found them.

I decided to clean up there at the Tennis Center and when I went back to the car I realized I had left one of the car doors wide open. Is that behaviour typical of a sane person?

That incident plus a few other incidents made me start singing the Sondheim song, Losing My Mind. I actually like the Pet Shop Boys version with Liza. (You will notice that in this live version and the recorded version she doesn't do the haunting laugh-scream. There's a story behind it but I can't remember it right now. PSB uses it in their version.) Enjoy!

(I forgot to post this yesterday.)
Weekly Post Of Physical Fitness Activities

SUN Feb. 17: 3 walks with Calvin (Total time: 58 minutes); weight workout (abs, arms, chest, back)
MON Feb 18: 3 walks with Calvin (Total time: 47 minutes); 3 mile run at Memorial Park
TUE Feb 19: 3 walks with Calvin (Total time: 48 minutes); eliptical machine workout; weight workout (abs, chest, back)
WED Feb 20: 2 walks with Calvin (Total time: 28 minutes); 3 mile run at Memorial Park
THU Feb 21: 3 walks with Calvin (Total time: 44 minutes); 3 mile run at Memorial Park
FRI Feb 22: 3 walks with Calvin (Total time: 50 minutes);
SAT Feb 23: 3 walks with Calvin (Total time: 61 minutes); weight workout (abs, arms, chest)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ramblings Of An (un)Caffeinated Mind 9.4

Not sure what got a hold of me yesterday. With the exception of taking The Calvinator out for his mid-day and evening strolls, I pretty much stayed on the couch. I watched Touch Of Pink (cute movie) and Showgirls (not so good movie). I watched some repeats of Make Me A Supermodel. Finally around 330p or so I started feeling like I was coming back to life. I know that if I had gone to the office, a few extra shots of espresso prolly would have given me a kick start but then I would have crashed hard.

I made it to LeFittes and did a lite weight workout. Spent some time in the steam room trying to loosen up some congestion.

Just When You Think You Have Heard It All
Did you know that there is a rock opera about Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan? LOL Yes! The opera is named Tonya and Nancy: The Opera. It premiered the other night in Portland, Oregon. I heard on the telly that Tonya was in the audience and loved it.
So while I was laying on the couch, I checked email and there was announcement that Hillary was going to be in Houston. Surely (don't call me Shirley) this was a mistake. The email arrived a few hours before the event and I had just heard she was in Ohio. Then I thought,'s just a rally. Well, one of the talking heads on the telly said that she was really here! UGH! I didn't have anything to wear and I figured it would be over by the time I got there. Oh well. As it turns out, the venue only had room for 400 people and 200 got left in the parking lot trying to get in. That would have been me.

A friend was at the Hyatt the other night when Bill made his appearance at a fundraiser for Hillary. The friend said that Bill hasn't lost his touch. Gave a great speech.

Still haven't talked to anyone who sipped Margaritas with Chelsea the other night. However, if you want to see some pics of Chelsea at Cyclone Anaya's-Midtown, click here. (There are some Obama Rally pics in the mix.)
NoRO Weather
Not to rub it in to anyone south of the Mason Dixon Line or for that matter south of Fort Worth-Dallas but as I'm blogging, I'm sitting outside while The Calvinator runs around and it is 81 degrees Fahrenheit and not a cloud in the sky. Went for a short but difficult run...don't have my mojo...this morning because the weather was too nice not to be outside.
For those of you who don't know this, the Academy Awards aka The Oscars are tonight. This is the Gay Super Bowl. Can't say that I have seen any of the movies but I will be watching the telly. Gonna be interesting what with the writers' strike just ending and all. Vanity Fair canceled their party so Madonna and Demi Moore have stepped up to the plate and will throw a bash tonight with an exclusive guest list. I'm sure this party will be in A League Of Its Own. Madge must have known that I couldn't make last minute travel plans so she didn't invite me. No worries Madge. I still love you.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I woke up this morning around 600a and was feeling a bit odd. It had nothing to do with last night's glasses of wine.

I figured I would walk The Calvinator, let the sun come up and warm things up outside, and then go for a run.

We came back from our morning stroll and I thought I was going to pass out. I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. I slept for another 3 hours. Probably not a good idea to go for a run this morning, huh?

I got derailed last night but it was in a good way. I went to a Table Captain Kick-off Party for HRC. It was at Bering & James. My plan was to stay there for a bit and then go to In And Out for a cocktail party for Ginger Grant's birthday.

Had some good political discussions. Of course I was hanging out with Hillary's peeps. I got to meet Special K from 104 KRBE.
On my way out of Bering & James, I saw one of the owners and reminded him that we had met when the Krewe had an event there. Then I mentioned to him that I had realized a few months ago that we have a mutual friend. And that's when the floodgates opened!

He and I had met MANY years ago and have additional mutual friends. We chatted and laughed and before I knew it the party had wrapped up and the caterer was cleaning up. It was time to make my exit.

I really don't remember driving home because I was reliving the moment that we realized our worlds had collided again.

Ginger, if you're reading this I hope that it was a fun time and sorry to have missed you at In And Out.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ramblings of A Caffeinated Mind 9.3

"I like Hillary but you know what they say, 'Once you've had Barack you never go bawk!'"

Maybe if I type this I'll get it off of my mind
Last night, right before the movie started (see below), I check email from my phone. There was a reply to an inquiry that I had made about something. I need to remember that "No" is also an answer. However, it's not the answer that I was hoping for.

Running Rant
Two things happened this week while I was running. One day, a group of four people were running at Memorial Park and they were running four abreast. The running trail is just barely wide enough in most spots for that many people. So I'm running counter-clockwise and they're coming at me clockwise. I'm running right.

Just as we're approaching each other, the path gets more narrow because of a light pole. These are my options:
1.) Stop and curse at them
2.) Jump on to Memorial Drive into the traffic and get hit
3.) Take out one the girls' left breast with my elbow
4.) Take out my right testicle, right arm and right leg by running into the pole
5.) Keep running and see what happens

See below for what happened.

In another incident, I started my run and about 1/10 of a mile into it I pass a guy who is standing there and stretching. About 1/2 mile into the run, he passes me. No big deal. He gets a good lead on me.

Around 2 miles, he stops running and starts to walk. When I reach 2 miles, I stop and get some water; he is still ahead of me walking. However, he keeps looking back at me.

I start my run again and when he sees me running he starts running. OK. That may have been a coincidence but I don't think so. So...I start running hard. Around 2 1/2 miles I'm shoulder to shoulder with him and he starts running faster so I start running faster and he has to eat my dust. He wasn't able to keep up with me. For some reason that made me feel good.

Spirit of the Marathon
Last night I took myself out on a movie date. Dinner consisted of the Combo #1 at Chik-fil-a. I went to see an encore showing of Spirit of the Marathon. The movie follows 6 people as they prepare for the Chicago Marathon 2005.

There was one runner that I could relate to even though there were aspects of the other runners (with the exception of the elites) that were very familiar. Lori is the runner that I am referring to. She is the one who trained by herself and raised money.

I think I laughed the loudest when Rona told her dad that he is a professional talker who runs marathons (instead of a professional marathoner who talks while he runs). Some of you know that I hate to talk when I run.

Deena Kastor is amazing. She suffered an injury and doesn't run for 6 weeks and then wins Chicago 2005.
Then there is Ryan who is bound and determined to qualify for Boston and ends up being injured.
And Daniel runs with the grace of gazelle. He is bound and determined to be the bride and not the bridesmaid as he makes another attempt to win Chicago.

The one that touched me the most was Leah. You can tell that she wanted to quit during the run but she didn't. Her tears at the end of the run were based on many emotions. I can relate to that except I waited until the day after my first marathon to burst into tears...and I was in line at Burger King; not one of my finest moments. (I have metioned this before but still haven't given the details about what triggered the tears...and yes, they let me have it my way.)
The movie was more than just covering the 6 runners. It gave some history about the marathon. The director also interviewed some of running's greatest athletes. I was very intrigued with Katherine Switzer's story about almost being pulled off the course of the Boston Marathon because she is a woman.

photo credit: AP/Worldwide Photo

Here are some additional comments about the movie:

  • Based upon the Italian guy who almost died after running a marathon in London(?), people started to take notice of the event more out of morbid curiousity rather than to support the athletes.
  • It was long believed that women were not built to be long distance runners because their uterus might fall out.
  • I'm not so sure about Deena Kastor's avocado enchiladas.
  • I thought the footage of Chicago was awesome. I love that city.
  • There were a few chuckles in the crowd everytime they showed Carey Pinkowski who is the race director. If you don't know, Chicago 2007 was a disaster.
  • John "The Penguin" Bingham makes a good point. Every marathon participant pays the same entry fee. So if you follow his line of thinking and if you finish the course in 2 1/2 hours and the course is open for 6 hours you're not getting your money's worth. The longer you're on the course the more value you're getting for your dollar.
  • The footage of Daniel saying that it was dangerous waiting for the hippopotamus was funny. He kept saying it was dangerous but yet he wouldn't leave!

The movie reminded me that the human spirit is amazing. And its the reminder that I needed after reading that email. (see above)

I decided that I wasn't going to change my stride just to make room for the four of them. So as we squeezed through that narrow part of the path she realized she was about to get body slammed. None of the other three made any effort to downsize so she had to run sideways for 5 of us to make it through that part of the path.

Have a good weekend everyone! See you latte!


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Project Runway Reunion

Quick recap from last night's show:

Here are the contestants.

I forgot about her. Her name is Simone and I can't remember what she did to get auf'd. She didn't have much to say.
I barely remember him. His name is Marion. He didn't have much to say either and I can't remember what he did to get auf'd.

Just Jack wouldn't say if he'd be back.
Believe it or not, he didn't cry (although they had enough footage of him crying). Am I the only one who is irritated by his hats? She cried.

She said people stop and ask her why she is so mean. She said someone gave her the nickname of Nina Garzilla. EDIT: It is Meana Garzilla (thanx David Dust).

They were a bit cozy last night. Who knew that Rami was a bear chaser?He was voted fan favorite even though I think Chris should have won.

***The End***

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