Saturday, April 2, 2016

As I See It - 03.14.16 - At The Vet

It was time for The Calvinator's annual checkup and he needed some shots. While he was being weighed and having a blood draw, I was left to my own devices in the exam room. I noticed that one of the walls was covered in artwork with an animal theme. It was sort of like a micro-museum.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

As I See It - 03.13.16 - Celebrating Daylight Saving Time #not

It's always fun to catch up with Margo. We walked from her place to Dry Creek (which isn't dry anymore) and had a great time catching up over brunch. We needed a reason to celebrate so we toasted losing an hour worth of sleep.

As I See It - 03.12.16 - Sunset At The Crib

Living with The Calvinator at his crib has proven to me that no two sunsets are ever the same.

As I See It - 03.11.16 - Into The Canyon

There has been quite a bit of construction happening in Houston. Cranes are everywhere and for the past year or so, I have watched this piece of Post Oak Blvd. change. The street isn't a straight line so the bend in the road makes these buildings look like they are on top of each other. And driving thru them feels like going into a canyon.

Friday, March 25, 2016

As I See It - 03.10.16 - Quote Of The Day


As I See It - 03.09.16 - Happy Holidays

You've heard the saying, "Better late than never." and such was the case when my co-workers and I gathered at la griglia for our holiday party. You see...

We were never able to get together for a Christmas party in December, or January, or February so why not march on into March? It's sort of like what I've always said about Thanksgiving...

You don't have to celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of the month. You express your thanks, and you should, any day of the week. #justsayin

As I See It - 03.08.16 - It's That Time Of The Year

...for the azaleas to start blooming. I spotted these whilst out walking The Calvinator.