Wednesday, December 17, 2014

(No) Pic Of The Day - 11.30.14 - Again

As I was going through my photos, I realized I didn't snap a photo for 11.30.14.  What I can tell about the day is this:
1. Woke up
2. Took The Calvinator to the park
3. Went to Starbucks
4. Loaded up the car
5. Drove from Ft. Worth to Houston
6. Unpacked the car
7. Went to a holiday party
8. Went to 103 Roy Street and did some additional packing
9. Went back to the apartment to an upset dog
10. Ate dinner
11. Went to bed

(Boston) Santa Speedo Run 2014

You can tell that I'm way behind on my posts because by now I would have already posted something about the Santa Speedo Run in Boston. There are several other runs that are spin-offs of the Boston run but the Boston always seems to have the most fun.

I've never been so I rely upon the Bostonians to cover the event. BosGuy has put together a video with some of the highlights.
I captured some photos from

And here are some photos that I have captured from various sources:

Pic(s) Of The Day - 11.29.14 - A Brisk Morning Walk

Near The Calvinator's North Texas Crib is a park that he likes to stroll around in the morning.  My reward for taking him to the park is that we go to Starbucks when we're finished (see previous post). 

On this particular day, we arrived just as the sun was rising.  It was very peaceful.  As we were walking, the silhouette of the tree was very striking.

Pic Of The Day - 11.28.14 - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

There is a Starbucks in Haltom City/Fort Worth that I visit with The Calvinator when he is checking on his North Texas Crib.  It's a nice sized establishment.  When I walked in, the massive amount of red really caught my attention.  Somebody did a good job with merchandising.

Pic(s) Of The Day - 11.27.14 - Little House On The Prairie

Thanksgiving lunch was held at the Senior Citizens Center in Saginaw, TX, and yes, it looks like a log cabin.

It was nice gathering of family and friends.  There was plenty of food which included tamales, pinto beans, arroz and pico de gallo.  If the pilgrims had landed in Rockport, TX, instead of Plymouth Rock, MA, I'm sure their first Thanksgiving would have included those items too!

Pic Of The Day - 11.26.14 - He's Not Spoiled!

Looking at this photo it would appear that The Calvinator only drinks bottled water.  We were driving from Houston to Ft. Worth and stopped in Riesel, TX.  He was thirsty and I needed to purchase some water.  I love Fiji Water and I knew that he too would enjoy it.

Pic Of The Day - 11.25.14 - And The Said

While I was out walking The Calvinator I changed up the route and we went west on Richmond.  Khyber is one our neighbors.  And, for as long as I can remember, they've always had a funny sign.  THIS is the perfect example.