Sunday, August 31, 2008

Save A Prayer For The Morning After

Folks. Here's the deal. This is serious. I'm not talking about serious for us Houstonians and this about me playing the role of Chicken Little or buying into media hype. I'm talking about this being serious for the people of New Orleans, southwest Louisiana and east Texas.

If you look at these pics and you see the projected path and you don't know anything about hurricanes, you may think there is nothing to worry about. However, here's the deal.

The worst place to be during a hurricane is on the east side of the storm aka the dirty side of the storm. During Katrina, New Orleans was on the clean side of the storm and you saw the damage that was created.

The last thing that I heard is that this storm is 400 miles wide. If it continues on it's path, New Orleans may see worse damage than it did during Katrina.

And it's just not about New Orleans. Southwestern Louisiana is going to take the brunt of this storm. This includes New Iberia and Lafayette. While this area is not as populous as New Orleans, there are people who will suffer a great loss.

If you believe in prayer, keep the people of Louisiana and East Texas in your prayers. If you're not a praying person, please send positive thoughts to these people to give them strength to deal with whatever lies ahead for them.

Cone Of Uncertainty

I've noticed that I've been eating quite a bit more over the past few days. Kenny In Montrose (KIM) said he never knew I was such a muncher. I think it's all of this talk about cones

On a more serious note, Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, told people to get their butts out of town. Going overboard? He said he would rather tell America that he was wrong.

He has said that communication up and down the line between government agencies is not what it was during Hurricane Katrina and that supplies and militia are in place.

By the way, where is Brownie (UGH! another food reference) these days? You remember Michael Brown from FEMA don't you?

And what if you planned a party and there's a party pooper by the name of Gustav knocking on your door? The Republican Party starts its convention tomorrow and the shadow of Katrina is hanging over them. I will say that blame for the poor response to Katrina can be spread from Mayor Nagin to former Governor Blanco to President Bush. Two disasters in one week? Gustav and the Republican convention. I'm just sayin'.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yes. I've been a bit quiet on here. You see...

My computer crashed on Friday morning! First it was the iPod nano and now the computer! OY!
Fortunately or unfortunately I hadn't backed everything up but I had backed up quite a bit. I lost some photos, music and documents but I actually have more than I thought.

I spent a big ass chunk of Friday restoring it. I still need to load some programs. If only I could get the nano to work.

Here's another big OY! I'm not meaning to add to the media hype but have you looked at the satellite photo of Gustav? I just looked at it.

I think we will be OK here in Houston but it looks like southwest Louisiana is going to get hit hard. Stay safe everybody.

Friday, August 29, 2008

New Orleans

There have been two catastrophic events in my lifetime that have definitely made an impact on me. It's almost as if there are two bookmarks within a matter of years.

The first is September 11, 2001. I had been in New York City celebrating my 40th birthday and left on the evening of September 10 to return to Houston. I remember waking up on the morning of September 11 and watching the Today Show only to have it interrupted with live coverage of what was happening. Not only was I stunned because I had just been there but also because two of my friends were still there and were due to return that evening. They were safe and eventually made it back to Houston.

The second event is Hurricane Katrina in 2005. On the 2nd Anniversary, I put down some thoughts. I have always felt like New Orleans was a place I could call home. It isn't all about the French Quarter and the debauchery of Mardi Gras. It's about the history, the people, the food and the unique charm of the city.

Right now residents along the Gulf Coast are keeping an eye on Hurricane Gustav. It is too early to tell what it will do but it is a bit odd that a watch is being held on the 3rd Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Rather than dwell on this yesterday I picked up the phone and called a long time friend of mine who I had not spoken to in many, many months. She and her family are natives of New Orleans and returned to rebuild their lives.

I spent an hour on the phone with her taking a few trips down memory lane, sharing many laughs, and sharing a few hurricane preparedness tips. I actually offered one to her that she had not even thought of! Pretty good for a guy who has only lived on the Gulf Coast for 16 years, eh?

I also got in contact with some former clients of mine who also returned to New Orleans to rebuild their lives. They're in a watch mode and still a bit numb from what happened three years ago.

The tenacity, resilience, Southern charm and love of life is what all of these people have in common. I'm glad that I took the time to get in contact with them because they reminded me of what makes New Orleans so special: the people.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here is a portrait of Calvin that I just received today! The artist is Herb Hochman and he did an excellent job.
And this is the photo that he worked with to do the portrait.

If you would like to get in touch with Herb, let me know.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Waiting For Gustav(o)

Once again, I find myself sitting here wondering if I should be waiting for Godot Gustav. After Edouard pissed barely rained on us I started eating my hurricane supplies. I should know better. You see...

As you can see, all is quiet on the western front (right now).

September 10 is my birthday the height of hurricane season so we are creeping toward that date. Not that we will be out of the woods after September 10. Afterall, Hurricane Rita came ashore later in the month in 2005.

It is still a bit too early to tell if Gustav will come to Houston, New Orleans, Biloxi or Pensacola. It is not very Christian to wish that a hurricane hits some other town but geez, I really don't want to deal with high winds, flooding and power outages. Besides, I start my new job on Tuesday and evacuating town on your first day of work isn't a good way to start at a new place of employment.

This is Gustavo. Not sure where I found this picture. I'm sure many people would welcome him to their town and would be happy to wait for him.

Run Forrest Run!

This is a public service announcement brought to you by runnerOne who is saving the world, one runner at a time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Writer's Block

Writer's block is a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing, usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity. -from Wikipedia

I feel like I'm stumped. This has happened before and I know I'll get through it. Have several things I could write about but it would just be filler. For instance:

  • I think the iPod nano is officially dead! It started giving my problems on Thursday and I nursed it back to health but after Saturday's 6 mile run it stopped working. I've restored it and I have done everything that the Help Manual tells me to and I can't get it to work. I'm very sad about this because I really don't need to spend $$ on a new one.
  • Hurricane Gustav could be on a western track to the Gulf; too early to tell. And what's with the name Gustav? What meaux picked the male names for the 2008 Hurricane Season?
  • I have been having some wild dreams. Odd things like: wearing a blue Speedo with brown cowboy boots; visiting with one of my high school Spanish teachers; getting caught in a warehouse that was like a maze. I actually wake up tired.
  • Did you know that the guy who wrote 100 Things To Do Before You Die has died at the age of 47? I wonder if he did his 100 things? I have never made a list of 100 things but I do know that I have done some things on my unwritten list.
  • The approaching 3rd Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast.
  • Wishing that I was going to New Orleans this weekend.
  • The Beer Can House in my neighborhood.
  • Getting caught in a situation that could only happen to Lucy Ricardo on I Love Lucy.
  • The Democrat National Convention in Denver and how I'm already bored.

Anywho...I have things to do today. Maybe something will inspire me. Calvin is passed out right now. I think he is nocturnal. He seems to come to life at night.

Need to scoot.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Closing Ceremony

Source: Associate Press

Source: Houston Chronicle

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sticky & Sweet

Madonna performs onstage at the Cardiff Millennium Stadium on August 23, 2008 during the first concert of her "Sticky and Sweet" world tour. This was the first of the 49-date tour.

source: Getty Images

Something That I Saw Today

...a nice looking guy with a shaved head and a big hair growing on his left ear. It was so long it was curled. I wondered why his wife/gf/partner didn't mention it to him. I wanted to walk over to his table and yank it off of his ear.

Something That I Learned Today

Never put a wooden spoon into a blender that is turned on.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ivana Trump at Legacy event

In yesterday's ramblings, I mentioned Ivana Trump would be coming to Houston for a Legacy event. So here's the scoop bois and gurrls.

On September 16, 2008, Legacy will be having its Stepping Stones Luncheon. Legacy is one of Houston's premier healthcare providers to those less fortunate. The luncheon is an ideal opportunity for key Houstonians to come together and learn more about the serious lack of quality healthcare for Houston's underserved, and how Legacy is striving to meet our city's needs.

This year our corporate honoree is Neiman-Marcus. The individual honoree is Monsour Taghdisi. Neiman-Marcus and Monsour have been big supporters of Legacy and it is a pleasure to give them this recognition. Chairperson for the event is Melissa Mithoff.

In addition to providing our guests with information about Legacy, international icon and businesswoman Ivana Trump has agreed to come and speak to our guests. This is a major coup for us.

I went and did some research on Ivana and was reminded that:
  • she was born in Czechoslovakia;
  • she has a Masters Degree in Physical Education;

  • she was a member of the Czechoslovakian Women’s Ski Team;

  • she immigrated to Canada to pursue her skiing career and then became a model.
I remember how the divorce from The Donald was plastered all over the newspapers and tabloids. I also remember thinking that this is a strong woman with a sharp business acumen and she would be just fine even though people were wondering, "Who is Ivana without Donald?"

In addition to being a successful business woman and author, Ivana travels extensively on the international lecture circuit. She is an active member in community and charitable organizations including, New York City Ballet, American Cancer Society, United Cerebral Palsy, March of Dimes, and many organizations benefiting children living with HIV/AIDS.

This luncheon is by invitation only so if you are interested in attending, please contact me at and I will give you the details.


Services Provided By Legacy

Healthcare For Men & Women: Legacy focuses on prevention and early diagnosis and treatment of common health issues unique to men and women including sexual health issues.

Heathcare For Children: Legacy works with the family to ensure that children get their regular checkup including vaccines and immunizations. Our goal is to keep children healthy.

Family Planning: These services are designed to improve reproductive health including affordable birth control methods and providing exams and education on sexually transmitted diseases.

Eye Care: Our physicians specialize in both optometry and ophthalmology services to promote healthy eyes and to maintain or improve vision. Glasses and contact lenses are also offered.

Mental Health Services: These services are for assessment, diagnosis, counseling and treatment of mental illness to improve quality of life. We treat both adults and children.

Health Promotion & Community Outreach: Legacy participates in health fairs and community outreach events to deliver health information and services directly to individuals to promote healthy behaviors and encourage early detection diseases.

Wellness Services: Providing nutritional counseling, physical therapy and massage allows Legacy to take a holistic approach to healthcare especially in patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, and HIV/AIDS.

Specialty Healthcare for HIV/AIDS: Legacy is nationally recognized for its comprehensive HIV/AIDS services including testing, counseling, treatment, social services, vision services, financial assistance and prevention education for those living with the disease.

Legacy Advocacy Project: Advocates at the city, state and federal government levels for fair and effective healthcare related policies.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ramblings Of A Caffeinated Mind 15.1

Project Runway
Last night's challenge was to create a design for drag queen. Some of the contestants did a wonderful job and went over the top and a few fell flat on their face.

Surprisingly, Str8 Joe won the challenge! He had some strong competition from Terri and Korto. And I must ask, "Why didn't one of the fags end up in the top three?" Instead they were the bottom (three) and Blayne should have been with them. Just sayin'.

Once again, there were some funny lines last night. This one was actually a compliment. It's not verbatim and I can't remember who said it: "It looks like the love child from Mahogany and Gene Simmons."

The other one (not verbatim) that made me cackle was a comment that RuPaul said to Keith, "And the dingo ate your baby. All I'm hearing is excuses."

For a recap (because I can't compete with these two and wouldn't even DARE to try), check in with LoneStar Steve and David Dust.

Olympic Fever
There are just too many events to cover and too many accolades to give. However, I would like to blame Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh for making me get to bed late last night. You see...

I have ALWAYS loved volleyball. I've had my moments on the court but I actually like watching it more than I enjoy playing it. Whether it's men's volleyball or women's volleyball, indoor or beach, I *heart* volleyball.

So last night after America's Greatest Dog, Project Runway and Shear Genius I flipped channels over to the Olympics only to realize that it was the gold medal match for Women's Beach Volleyball and it was live! It was also pouring down rain in Beijing but the game was going to happen one way or the other.

It was EXCITING! Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh defended their gold medal from 2004 Athens and racked up consecutive win #108. You geaux girls!

By the time it was over, my adrenaline was pumping. The Calvinator went to bed without me and even came back to the living room to see if I was ready to go to bed. I couldn't sleep I was so excited.

Weird Things
Do you ever catch yourself doing something weird?

I've noticed that recently I've been pinching my waist to see if I have a muffin top. I notice it when I'm at the gym, running or at the grocery store. I'm sure I do it others time during the day. Weird isn't it?

Have You Ever...
seen a nice butt and want to walk up and grab it? Just askin'.

OK. So we go from near drought levels to having the wettest month of the year and the month isn't over yet. I know I shouldn't complain but it is causing me to have to run on the treadmill and I hate running on a treadmill. So to add to my misery I do inclines and I hate running inclines!

With all of this rain, don't worry, I haven't left my cake out because I'll never have that recipe again.

World AIDS Day Houston 2008 (Dec. 1)
Plans are underway for a week long commemoration of World AIDS Day. As soon as we get definite details for the events, we will have them posted on the website.

I'm really impressed with the cooperation and involvement of so many people. It's a good group of people working for a good cause.


OK bois and gurls, that's about it for today. Tomorrow I'll give you details about Ivana Trump coming to Houston for a Legacy event.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calvin Part II

I just checked Houston Dog Blog and Calvin is the Hump Day Dog. They provided a brief bio on The Calvinator. To read it click here.


Yesterday, Calvin had his picture posted on Houston Dog Blog. The pics were taken while we were waiting for the wrath of Edouard. He passed out waiting for the BIG storm and then awakened when he realized I was taking his photo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Money Shot

This man could be worth $100 million over the course of his lifetime. The photo was inspired by the Mark Spitz photo from 1972. (Thanx to Towleroad for the photos.)

For Your Consideration

I have a kommuniqué from Kaye (Sedilla). First of all, she has been able to obtain a television pass from the staff at The Betty Ford Center so that she can watch tomorrow night's episode of Project Runway. Chris March who was a contestant in Season 4 will be on the show. Kaye kan't wait!

Kaye would like for you to consider voting for her in Out Smart Magazine's 12th Annual Readers' Choice Awards (Houston). She would also like for you to consider voting for Krewe of Olympus for Community Organization and/or Philanthropic Organization. And she does have one more request, please consider Mystery & Fantasy Mardi Gras Party for Social Organization.

Kaye's Kommuniqué has a few notes to it also:
1. The icon for voting is on the right side of the homepage;
2. Be sure to indicate that you are voting for Houston categories;
3. You don't have to have a nomination for every category.

Voting for Kaye will definitely give her a lift during her period of rehab.

Today's WWMPD?

I took The Calvinator out for his morning stroll and while we were out and about it started to rain; we continued on our journey.

When we returned to our little corner of NoRO, I tuned into Anthony Yanez at Click 2 Houston: Your Education Station. He said that the rain would come in bands.

It was 6:00a.m. and I really wanted to go for a run. I like to run in the rain if it is one of those nice Summer showers that cools things off before the city turns into a sauna. So I debated and I thought, "WWMPD?"

I went to LeFittes and did a treadmill run with inclines. I HATE running on a treadmill and I HATE running inclines on a treamill. So it was double hatred this morning but I did it anyway. And in my mind, I thought, "This is what Michael Phelps would do if he had to get ready for a Krewe Ball in February."

Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm really enjoying the gazillion hours of coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games that is being provided by NBC and its myriad of network stations. In fact, it is a bit difficult to type this post because I'm watching Women's Beach Volleyball. Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are playing a team from Brazil and it is a good game.

So. I found out that in February 2009 at the Krewe Ball, one of the costumes I will be wearing will be showing every ounce of fat muscle on my torso.

Thank goodness I have Michael Phelps as inspiration.

Instead of eating a donut in the morning, I will eat a celery stick.

Instead of eating a cheeseburger for lunch, I will eat a leaf of lettuce.
Instead of eating fried chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner, I will eat a carrot.
The other day I was at LeFittes and I was on the Stairmaster. I hate the Stairmaster. Instead of setting it on 30 minutes, I set it for 45 minutes. When I hit the 30 minute mark I was ready to quit and then I thought, "What Would Michael Phelps Do?" (WWMPD?)
So I stayed on for the additional 15 minutes and when I finished, there were puddles of sweat around the machine.I previously mentioned that Friday night I was out with AttyHou, Everyday Italian and some others and we ate Mexican Food and drank frozen Margaritas. Saturday morning after running three miles I was ready to stop and then I thought, "WWMPD?" so I ran another three miles.

Will I ever have his physique? Uh, maybe if I go to the Fun House at the carnival and look in one of the wacky mirrors.
Speaking of the Olympics, has anyone else watched the trampoline events? I get dizzy watching those people flying through the air.
And badminton? Who knew a cock could be hit so hard?
I'm really enjoying the track & field competition. I can only dream of running that fast!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

50 Is The New 30 (part II)

Birthday greetings go out to Belinda Carlisle who turns 50 today! Belinda was a part of The Go-Go's which was one of the most fun all girl bands ever.

I remember driving in a car with some college buddies from Ft. Worth to Indy during the summer of '82 and listening for hours on end to Beauty & The Beat. To this day whenever I hear a song from Beauty & The Beat I think of my college days.

I saw The Go-Go's perform live on a couple of occasions. The most unusual venue was Billy Bob's Texas in Ft. Worth. You see...

In 1983, David Bowie was on his Serious Moonlight Tour. So in response to that, The Go-Go's did their Serious Barbecue Tour and only played cities in the southern United States.

That night at Billy Bob's was priceless. It was a mix of those of us who were there to see The Go-Go's and the regulars who were there to ride bulls and do some two-step dancin'. I'm not sure about the cowboys & cowgirls but I can tell you that my group of friends had a blast!

So while I'm stumbling down memory lane and trying not to spill the ice out of my cocktail glass, why don't you enjoy this Go-Go's video.

Lucky #8

Congratulations to Michael Phelps on winning his eighth gold medal of the 2008 Olympic Games. Phelps surpassed Mark Spitz's record of seven gold medals that was set in 1972.

The eighth gold medal was won in the 4x100m relay. This relay has been dominated by the U.S. Team.

As soon as the team had secured the win, The Calvinator and I could see Michael mouthing the words thank you to his fellow teammates. In a post-relay interview, Phelps said that this could not have happened without his teammates doing their part.

A shout out goes not only to Michael Phelps but also to Aaron Peirsol, Brendan Hansen and Jason Lezak.

Congratulations Dara!

Source: Smiley Pool, Houston Chronicle

"Never put an age limit on your dreams." -Dara Torres, 41
2008 Summer Olympics Silver Medalist in swimming

Saturday, August 16, 2008

50 Is The New 30

I have had some unusual coincidences within the past of couple of weeks. Another one happened this morning.

I arrived at Memorial Park for my Saturday run. Wasn't quite sure if I was up to a run. Not the best thing to do after a full Mexican dinner at Cyclone Anayas (with frozen Margarita-Sangria Swirls) from the night before. I was in my WWMPD?* mood.

So I turned on the iPod nano and wasn't really paying attention to the playlist. The first song that played was Madonna's Give It To Me. The coincidence? Today is her birthday! Once again, the nano spoke to me through music.

Birthday greetings go out to Madge, Mo, The Material Girl, Madonna!

Madonna is celebrating her 50th birthday today. I have a few more years before I hit the Big 5-0 so I have bought into the idea of 50 being the new 30. In fact, last week I was told by someone that he thought I was in my thirties.

Her Madgesty is often the target of criticism; some of it from Kaye Sedilla. In spite of that, she is still raking in the dough and adopting kids. Last year I did a brief tribute to Madonna. She is a business woman that knows how to keep us entertained and she knows how to reinvent herself.

One of the things I forgot to mention last year was an interview that was done on the 10th Anniversary of MTV. The president of MTV was asked, "Where would Madonna be without MTV?" He replied, "Where would MTV be without Madonna?" Definitely a symbiotic relationship.

Mo, if you're reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! In the words of ABBA, "Thank you for the music..." and in the words of Rihanna, "Please don't stop the music..."

Person #1: "I wouldn't pay $20 to see a Madonna concert."
Person #2: "Oh? Hmmm....but you paid $250 to see Kaye Sedilla!"

*What Would Michael Phelps Do?

By A Fingernail

Michael Phelps won his 7th Gold Medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics. He won the race by one one-hundreth of a second. I have a feeling Phelps make think twice about clipping his fingernails from now on.

Congratulations Michael! You and the other U.S. Olympians are representing us well!

To see the video, click here

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fortune Cookie

Several weeks ago, Panda Express opened a location not too far away from NoRO. When I traveled quite a bit for a job, I could always count on some fried rice and an egg roll at some airport concession stand. So, I was quite happy when I saw Panda Express close to the 'hood.

I visited Panda Express yesterday at the noon hour. I did take-away. When I got home, I ate my meal and then cracked open the Fortune Cookie. This is what was inside:
You will soon be confronted with unlimited opportunities.

Today, I was offered a job. It is a job that I really wanted. It is a new position so the opportunities are unlimited.

I think I'm going to start making a weekly pilgrimage to Panda Express.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Verdict Is In

Mary Benton with Click 2 Houston: Your Education Station has reported that the jury has reached a verdict in the Vicki Osteen/Sharon Brown trial.

The jury gave a unanimous decision and said that Vicki did edit: not assault Continental flight attendant Sharon Brown.

So how DID Sharon get those hemorrhoids? Just askin'.

A shout out to Mary Benton for keeping me informed through her blog. Good job Mary. You've always been one of my favorites. (Just don't tell Ryan Korsgard or Erik Barrajas (at Channel 13.)


Yesterday was the last day of testimony in the Vicki Osteen/Sharon Brown trial. The final witness for Sharon Brown (who filed the lawsuit) testified that she did not (repeat DID NOT) see Vicki assault Sharon.

Wait a second. This is a witness for the plaintiff? Not a good way to end the trial. To read the full story, click here.

Mary Benton from Click 2 Houston: Your Education Station reported a few minutes ago that it is now in the hands of the jury. Mary's blog has some details from the closing arguments.

I've said it before, I have no clue as to how this EVER got to trial. Just sayin'.

Strike A Pose (or I'll Tumble For You)

I'm a bit behind on my congratulations to the U.S. Men's Gymnastics Team who won a bronze medal the other day. This is a group of guys who were told the odds were against them. Afterall, they were a group of alternates.
Rudy Tomjanovich said, "Never underestimate the heart of a champion." Good job guys!

and thanx to Towleroad for the pic.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blame It On The Sinus Medication

So the next time I call you a b!tch or a b#stard or some other endearing term, please know that I'm taking Sudafed. Yes. I know you're confused. Let me 'splain.

The other day, I gave my summation of a trial that is occurring here in H-town. Vicki Osteen, wife of Joel Osteen, is being sued for 10% of her net worth over an incident that occurred three years ago on a Continental flight.

Sharon Brown says that due to the incident, she lost her faith and she now has hemorrhoids. She also wanted Vicki Osteen to get in the pulpit and do a public apology.

Now, let me say something. I'm sure Vicki ain't no saint. I know I'm not and I don't expect others to be one. I too have my moments and I have had my moments in the First Class cabin. I'm sure something happened but I'm still perplexed as to how this has ended up in a civil trial.

OK. So yesterday, Sharon Brown is being questioned by defense attorney Rusty Hardin. Rusty points out to Sharon that in a deposition she called Lakewood Church "...a cult-based church, and described Victoria and Joel Osteen as the devil".

Sharon says that when she made the statement she was on sinus medication and regrets making the statement. To read the full story, click here.

This brings up several questions for me:
1. Was Sharon on medication the day of the incident and maybe doesn't remember things the way they happened?
2. OK. She made a mistake by saying that about Lakewood Church and the Osteens just like I'm sure Vicki regrets having a run in with her on the flight. Can the Osteens now sue her for slander?
3. The next time I do say something that someone doesn't like can I:
a) Blame It On The Boogie;
b) Blame It On The Rain;
c) Blame it on the vodka;
d) Blame it on the sinus medication;
e) Blame it on lack of sleep;
f) or Blame it on the air quality in Beijing?

Just askin'

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Fever

I've always been fascinated by the Olympics...more so the Summer games than the Winter games. I guess it goes back to being a fat kid whose clothes came from The Husky Department at Montgomery Ward. There's no place in the Olympics for fat kids. Uniforms would have to come from Montrose Tent & Awning.

The first Olympic Games that I actually remember watching was Mexico City 1968. I remember helping my parents do the laundry while watching the closing ceremonies. I also remember this.
Then there was Munich 1972. It was interrupted when the Israeli team was attacked in the dorm. This is one of the images I remember from Munich.
And who can forget the Mary Decker/Zola Budd incident in Los Angeles 1984? If I really thought about it, there is probably one or two things from each of the Olympics that I remember.

Anywho. So, I've been making The Calvinator watch the games with me and I think most nights I have fallen asleep before him. It's not that I'm bored with the Olympics, it's just that ever since Friday night I've been really tired and part of that has to do with over exerting myself.

For instance, yesterday morning I met runnerOne at Memorial Park at 5:45 a.m. CDT. We did some speed work around the park. So being in the Olympic spirit, I went to spin class later in the day and let's just say I was passed out by 9:00 p.m. I'm just not as young as I used to be. I wonder if napping is an event in the Senior Olympics? I'd probably win.

So I'm sitting here waiting for Michael Phelps to win another gold medal while watching women's gymnastics and wondering how they twist and turn and vault and fly in the air. Better them than me!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Big High Five!

I'm a bit late in sending out my congratulations to the U.S. Swim Team that won a gold medal last night.

Full disclosure: I REALLY was going to watch it but I fell asleep around 10:00p.m. CDT or so and missed it. So I had to stream it this morning.

Anywho. That was an excellent team effort in the Men's 4x100m Free Relay. However, there were two other factors that contributed to the excitement.

Michael Phelps won his second gold medal and is marching on to his goal of 8 gold medals. Go Michael Phelps!

Prior to the event, the French team was boasting and bragging that they were going to win. They were quite capable but when it was all said and done they didn't win. And they lost by a fraction of a second.

Uh...ya shoulda kept your mouth shut! Just sayin'