Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pic Of The Day - 01.26.15 - #Deflategate

We have our own #Deflategate going on here at Legacy. On Thursday, there was a going away party for Ashley. Food. Balloons. Tears. Laughter. You get the picture.

Ashley has a fear of balloons being her car, so when she ended her employment with us on Friday, she left the balloons behind. On Thursday and Friday both sets of balloons were at the same height. I should know because I good see them in my peripheral vision both days.

Well...this is what I saw on Monday! One set was still at it's same height as on Friday but there other set had started to deflate. Did someone get cheated when they purchased the balloons? Not the same amount of helium in both sets? Makes you wonder doesn't it.

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