Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pic Of The Day - 01.12.15 - Music Makes The People Come Together

Originally I was going to use this for my pic of the day because the other day when I was in Bed Bath and Beyond with no comma, I heard a David Bowie song from the '80s and a Go-Go's song and they both brought back memories.

Music tends to do that to me. Some songs will take me all the way back to elementary school. Some songs bring back happy memories and some bring back memories that are not so happy. I was walking to my car after work on Monday, I noticed this:
It's pretty in an old worn out kind of way.

Because it was trash pickup day, I couldn't park in my normal area of the neighborhood so I had to venture out and park on a side street. I've parked here before but had never noticed this gate. Maybe because it was gray and cloudy, the pop of colour caught my eye.

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