Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pic(s) Of The Day - 04.07.15 - They're Baaaaack!

I would have taken a picture of the show while it was on the telly but those normally turn out kind of warped so instead, I captured this photos which summarizes what I did on Tuesday evening.

I nestled in The Calvinator's Crib and watched Real Housewives of New York. This is the only show of the franchise that I watch. At one point I was watching the Atlanta show but I kind of got turned off when the hair pulling started.

To that point you might ask, "Didn't Aviva's leg toss bother you?" and to that I would answer, "No, because she is an attention whore and watching the Countesses reaction made it even better AND she did it at Le Cirque!"

So...I love me some Carole Radziwill and I really appreciate the Countess. Ramona, eh. Sonja, ugh. Heather I like she has street cred. Kristin, eh. Dorinda, I might like (but why does she need a housekeeper for such a small apartment and where does her daughter sleep?. I'm not real thrilled to see the return of Bethenny. How many shows is this girl going to be on? She's like the bad penny that keeps showing up. And seriously, when she was whining about being homeless all I could think of was "Rich People Problems".

There's Team Bethenny and there's Team Jason and I'm on his side. She may have had the concept but who helped her negotiate the contracts? And who was her cheerleader? So yes, the shoe is on the other foot and this time it is the wife who made the millions with the support of the husband. As I like to say, "That knife cuts both ways."

I guess I'll have to wait to see if Bethenny whines for a whole season? And will Sonja try to one-up with her own set of problems. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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