Thursday, January 24, 2013

Real Housewives. Real Problems

When Bethenny Frankel was on Bravo's Real Housewives of New York, I learned to like and not like her.  At times she seemed whiny.  At other times she seemed very driven.  I didn't care for the whiny.

After she left the show and went on to have her new show, I watched it because I really hoped she would be happy.  In my opinion, he family problems always seemed to cast a shadow on her other relationships.  So...

When she met Jason Hoppy, I was thrilled for her.  He really seemed like a nice guy and he is very nice looking.  His family really seemed to embrace Bethenny.

So, I was a bit surprised when I found out a few weeks ago that they are getting a divorce.  And, it seems that it is getting ugly; that news from New York Post.  One of things that I learned from my mom is to never take sides when a couple is separated or filing for divorce because what happens when they get back together?  Hmmm.

Unfortunately, fame has a price even if you are a star on a reality show and this divorce will play out in the press.

Another housewife with a problem is Beyonce.  Did she or didn't she lip sync the National Anthem at the inauguration?  What has me perplexed is why she hasn't said anything publicly about it.

Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images
I was in the car driving around on Monday when she sang and on the radio it sounded fantastic! Watching the video, it's hard to tell. And I guess in the long run, does it really matter?

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