Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pic Of The Day - 12.18.14 - Humpty Dumpty

I had a great fall on Wednesday. And no, I don't mean as in winter, spring, summer, fall. I fell down and I fell hard.  You see...

I went to the Kroger on Studemont and to avoid the man ringing the bell for the Salvation Army, I parked on the west side of the parking lot.  When I exited, I went down the wrong aisle to get to my car so I decided to cut over.  When I did, my foot caught the end of a cement parking barrier and well, I fell.

And I guess I said, "Shit!" so loud, it caught the attention of the teenager who was in the lot gathering stray grocery carts. I started getting up just as he was approaching. At that point I had already picked up everything that had fallen out of the bags. It hurt but it really hurt when I got home and still had to walk The Calvinator.

So why this picture of a bottle of Coppola wine?  You see...

This bottle was in one of the bags that I dropped in the parking lot. It didn't break. And now, I'm afraid to open it because it must have some sort of special powers.

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