Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pic Of The Day - 12.26.14 - 7th Street

There is a portion of Fort Worth that has undergone a major makeover. It's all taking place on 7th Street.

I think the catalyst may have been the old Montgomery Ward building. It was repurposed into lofts and retail with a shopping center behind it. Then some lofts were built with retail space on the ground floor. Then other apartments were built and other retail and restaurants popped up.

I really hadn't gone into the bowels of the redevelopment so when Leah suggested we meet at AF+B I was game. It was good food but even better conversation. I had not seen Leah since 2011 and we had some catching up to do.

We both commented about how different this area looked. There used to be car lots, bars, and warehouses. I'm sure that area is singing, "If they could see me now..."
The view from Crockett Street. This could be Houston.

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