Thursday, January 7, 2016

As I See It - 01.01.16 - Happy New Year

I've decided to stop calling it Pic Of The Day. Why? Well, when I take a photo, what I see in the viewfinder is what I see and how I see it. Or...when I screen capture something (a quote, a photo, etc.), I may be seeing someone's opinion that I share. I'll still label pic of the day but will do away with pics of the day labels.

So...what did I see on January 1? I saw a bundle of balloons at Kroger on Studemont. It screamed Happy New Year!

Kroger was just one of many stops for the day: FIT; Fiesta; H-E-B; a New Year Day's brunch; DSW; and Sports Authority. I so needed to do laundry because I was heading back to Ft. Worth on Sunday but I just-didn't-have-the-energy after I made a batch of Jambalaya and Posole. the crib smelled really good

I think I have determined that I really enjoy spending New Year Day with friends more than I ever enjoyed spending New Year's Eve out and about. There is some sort of faux expectation that accompanies New Year's Eve. I have a hard time explaining it. Plus, it's never fun starting the new year with a hangover.

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