Friday, January 22, 2016

As I See It - 01.16.16 - Get ready to run!

I went looking for inspiration and ended up spending my money. The expo for the Chevron Houston Marathon/Aramco Half-Marathon is always one of the best expos. I went there hoping that something would inspire me to run and well...

It is nice to go to the expo without the anticipation churning in my stomach of having to run a full or half marathon the next day.

Later that day, I donned a tux and made my way to the ERISCSS Coronation at Hilton-Post Oak. However, before I was in the presence of royalty, I joined Chree and Lynne at RDG for some bubbly and lite bites.

Sometimes it pays to look up. This is in the lobby of the Hilton-Post Oak.

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"Tommy" said...

I read the history of ERISCSS, Very Very Impressive!!!