Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blogging Tropical Storm Bill

So...there isn't much to report from The Calvinator's Crib. We've been here since last night when storm preparations for TS Bill began. Due to the concern of power outages and possible flooding, the elevators in the building were disabled at 8:00PM last night. That made for a difficult walk this morning for The Calvinator. He's not big on stairs and stairwells so four flights of stairs is not his cup of tea.

The problem with these storms is that it is difficult to predict their path and intensity. Houston is on the dirty side of TS Bill but so far the rain has been intermittent and bearable. However, that could change later in the day.

My office was closed today and this is definitely a case of better safe than sorry. This has also been a good dry run on getting prepared for a hurricane.

We may have been accused of overreacting but if you lived in Houston during TS Allison or Hurricane Ike, you'd understand why we are a bit gun shy.
And yes, TS Bill made landfall around 11:45AM around Matagorda Island. Now it is time to deal with the remnants which could include tornadoes.

This is the best meme I found about TS Bill.
I lifted it from Alan's Facebook page.

If anything significant happens with TS Bill, I'll do another post but otherwise, this may be all I have to say about TS Bill.

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