Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pic(s) Of The Day - 06.26.14 - Scenes From A Day In NOLA Part III

The Food Porn Tour continued on Thursday.  Originally, we were scheduled to eat at a place that has been in New Orleans a long time but I wasn't real hip on it because I felt like the tourists flocked there and then as it turned out another foodie convinced a member in our group not to go to that restaurant.  Before I could ask for an alternative restaurant, one was suggested and we were off!

Bacco had been the restaurant at the W Hotel French Quarter.  I knew it has closed but didn't know what was in it's place.  SoBou (South of Bourbon) is it's replacement.  The menu is a bit different but it was yummy!  And who was our waiter at SoBou?  Howard!  He took care of us again.
Sweet potato beignets

Yellow fin tuna ceviche with basil avocado ice cream

Pecan pie, Not pie with pork cracklin'

Apothecary wall at SoBou

A wet night on Canal Street

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