Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pic(s) Of The Day - 06.25.14 - Scenes From A Day In NOLA Part II

We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street.  I've stayed there several times before.  It's definitely a conference hotel but it does the job for a stay in New Orleans.

What won me over with the hotel though is the grand piano in the lobby.  It was painted by George Rodrigue and is stunning.  If I had the money and the room for a Blue Dog piano, I'd own it!  I wonder if there is a Blue Dog guitar?

We had a misstep for lunch.  We went to a place not far from the hotel whose menu was heavy on breakfast items.  I had a salad that had some goat cheese medallions and it was way too much goat cheese.  I would have been  happier at Subway. :-/

For dinner, we had reservations at Mr. B's.  I first at Mr. B's in 1991 and they have been consistent all of these years.  They didn't fail me this time.  One of the people on the trip said that it was the best meal of the week!

I couldn't go to Mr. B's without having the bread pudding.  They set the standard for bread pudding.

Prior to dinner we went to Hotel Monteleone for cocktails.  I totally stumped the waitress when I ordered a Rose Kennedy.

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