Monday, November 2, 2015

Pic(s) Of The Day - 10.03.15 - A Grand Ole Time

So let me explained what happened. I grouped these photos together even though one of them was taken on October 1. Rather than do two postings about The Diana Foundation Country Dinner Weekend, I just lumped them all together.

This was the Diana's big weekend and this year they bumped it up several notches. They invited Steve Grand to perform on Saturday at the dinner which was held at Neon Boots. The night before, there was a VIP Meet & Greet with Steve. So...

The first picture is Steve performing on Saturday night. The second picture is me with Steve on Friday night. The third picture is me with A.J., Harlan and Kendall on Saturday night. If you're not paying too much attention, it looks like I am wearing the same shirt on Friday and Saturday but I'm not. I just realized that both nights I wore a navy blue shirt with a print. Really. It's not the same shirt.

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