Monday, November 2, 2015

Pic(s) Of The Day - 10.02.15 - What A Wonderful Surprise

As I previously mentioned, it's that time of year for luncheons, etc. I really didn't want to attend the LWI luncheon but I was asked to be there and to help with the registration, so I agreed and I'm glad I did.
First of all, I like going to the Junior League of Houston because they serve orange rolls but I digress. The first surprise was the swag at the table, it was cookbook and a big one at that!

The next surprise, and it was a big one, was the guest speaker Christy Haubegger. "Who?" you might ask because that is what I did. Christy is a fireball but more importantly, she is the founder of Latina Magazine, a film producer, and an agent at CAA. Wow! She represents Salma Hayek, Pitbull, Eva Longoria, and several others.
She gave an inspirational speech that even though it was directed to the Latina audience, it was a message that could resonate with anyone. And, she is a class act!
I am so glad I attended the luncheon.

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