Wednesday, May 6, 2015

RIP Jim Wright

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I was caught in traffic earlier today when I received a news alert that Jim Wright died today. It has been some time since his name crossed my mind and about a year ago I did a Google search to see what had become of Jim.

In September of 1974, I was selected to go on a trip to Washington, D.C., with stops along the way. We took a different route coming back so that we could visit places in the Deep South.

It was a memorable trip full of highlights. One of the highlights was the day we met U.S. Representative Jim Wright. He and his staff treated us like we were royalty. He took us to lunch in the Congressional Dining Room and we were the center of attention because one of the nuns (who was also the superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Ft. Worth) was in a habit and our group was ethnically diverse.

He visited with us in his office and of course it was the perfect photo op. At the end of the visit, he presented each of us with a U.S. flag that had flown over the Capitol building (even if only for a few seconds). Along with the staffers from his office and U.S. Representative Olin Teague, we had passes to just about anywhere there was to go.

When I returned back to Fort Worth, I gave the flag to the school at a PTA meeting. I remember my mom (Helen Martinez) writing Jim Wright a letter thanking him for treating us so well. I believe she mentioned that he had made quite an impression upon me, the family, and all of the parents and students at All Saints.

I know he wasn't perfect. And, I know many people in Dallas disliked him because of the Wright Amendment, but he definitely made an impression upon me.

Rest In Peace Jim Wright.

More about Jim Wright can be found in this article from Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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