Friday, February 12, 2016

As I See It - 01.30.16 - Animal Kingdom

It was the return of the Mystery and Fantasy Mardi Gras Party but before I could get my day started, I ran into these Polish treats at Kroger on Buffalo Speedway. One word: YUM!

This annual "party for a party's sake" was again, much fun. We had just under 1200 people so the crowd was manageable. Nothing like the 1500+ a few years ago.

In a Facebook message exchange with JD Arnold, I suggested he play some David Bowie...and he did...and he one of the songs was my favorite Let's Dance.

We've already set the date for next year but I'm not willing to reveal it just yet. Just remember...2016 was a short Mardi Gras season...2017 will be a bit longer.

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