Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm Back...Sort of

This time of year gets crazy for me. Usually there is a work trip or two and then throw in a golf tournament that I am the team lead for at work and my time gets consumed. I think I've managed to take a photo everyday although I am fudging on a day or two and using other people's pics to show what the day was like.

I'm interrupting my busy schedule and my Pic Of The Day series to ask you to do one thing. And that one thing, if you live in Houston is to vote and to pay special attention to these three things:

For Mayor of Houston, please for vote for Steve Costello. I have known Steve for several years and he is the best candidate for the job. Even though he has served on the Houston City Council for 6 years, he is not a professional politician, he's an engineer! And with that engineering background and with his experience on City Council, he is the person to keep moving Houston forward.

Next on my list is Ramiro Fonseca. Ramiro is running for Houston ISD Board of Trustees. I don't live in his district so I can vote for him. If you DO live in his district, please vote for him. This Board will be selecting the new superintendent and will help determine the future of our students.

You may recall that in May of 2014, I took a day off from work and spoke to Houston City Council in favor of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance.

Without going into all of the legal battles, the ordinance is on the ballot and it needs to pass. Houston is not a city of haters BUT if someone is discrminated against, there is no local recourse and they will have to file suit in federal court and how many people have the money for THAT?

Houston Unites just released a new ad that shows who the ordinance protects. And again, please VOTE in favor of Prop. 1.

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