Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pic Of The Day - 03.12.15 - False Alarm

And then this happened.

I was at The Calvinator's Crib, minding my own business, watching the telly while eating lunch and the smoke alarms inside the crib went off. I was a bit perplexed because I didn't turn on the stove, oven or microwave. I thought maybe they were malfunctioning. Plus, it was really loud and it caused The Calvinator to start howling.

I opened up the crib's door and realized the fire alarm for the building had been activated. So...I grabbed both phones, keys and The Calvinator, and we descended down floor flights of stairs.  This was a bit difficult for him because on Saturday, he somehow injured one of his legs while I was at a memorial service.

There were other people in the building who were also in the stairwell evacuating the premises with their pets.

Turns out it was a false alarm. Someone on the 2nd floor had pulled the alarm but they're not sure why. However, once it was determined it was a false alarm, they couldn't turn it off! And it was loud!

So...The Calvinator and I stayed outside and then went inside to the lobby where it wasn't as loud. They finally able to reset it and life went back to normal.

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