Friday, September 18, 2015

Pic Of The Day - 09.06.15 - Old Friends

You will recall that last year during Labor Weekend, I saw Betty Buckley in The Old Friends.

This past weekend was spent getting caught up with friends. Laure and I worked together at Texas Wesleyan and I met Lyndon at Gershwin's in Dallas many years ago. Both were in Houston for different reasons. Margo, who lives in Houston but who I haven't seen since July, joined me at an Astros game. With all three, it was a matter of picking up where we left off.

So why the picture of Eggs Benedict with Crabcakes? Lyndon and his husband Chris and I, met for brunch at Ousie's Table and since I haven't done a food photo in awhile, I figure, "Why not?"

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