Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pic Of The Day - 08.02.14 - White Linen Night (Houston Edition)

From what I understand, White Linen Night started in New Orleans on Magazine Street in the Garden District.  At some point, the idea was imported to Houston a few years ago. The first time I attended the event was in 2007 and 19th Street was not closed off.  It was crowded but a manageable crowd.

Well, as you can see the event has grown over the years and now 19th Street is blocked off.  Some friends live on 18th Street and have been kind enough to host a party.  It makes it nice to have a staging area and air conditioning and access to free cocktails.  And businesses along Studewood, Heights Blvd., and Yale St. also participate.

Not everyone wears white but most people do.  It does sort of look like a large gathering of some sort of cult.

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