Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pic Of The Day - 08.03.14 - Quote Of The Day

This isn't a pic that I took but it is a screen capture of something I saw on Instagram or Facebook.  I think it is very true.

On the 3rd I was watching Oprah's Masterclass and Vanessa Williams was the teacher.  It was very interesting.

Vanessa talked about her ups and downs.  Because she is public figure, I was familiar with some of them and some of them were new to me.

One story she told was about auditioning for My One and Only.  She had learned all of the songs, auditioned and didn't get the job.  What she found out later was what wasn't said to her.  Basically, it amounted to them not wanting a slut on stage.

She figured out how to take control of her career and that started with going into the recording studio.  She also never gave up.  And, the one thing she said that resonated with me is that no matter what, you have to show up; people are depending on you.

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