Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pic(s) Of The Day - 05.28.14 - We Need A HERO

So. On Wednesday I did something I have never done. I went to Houston's City Hall and spoke before the City Council in Council Chambers. You see...

Two weeks prior there was another hearing on an Equal Rights Ordinance.  Everyone expected the vote to happen that night but it didn't.  The vote was delayed for two weeks.  I wasn't in Council Chambers that night but I watched some of the public hearing via live streaming.  And what I heard saddened me.

I couldn't believe some of the bigoted, hateful things that were being said by people who claim to be Christians.  The most disheartening thing I kept hearing was, "I'm a Christian but..."  Well then butt out!

So...I spoke with Januari Leo who is Legacy's Director of Public Affairs, is a co-worker of mine and a friend.  She told me to contact the City Secretary and get my name on the list for May 28 so I did.  I scheduled a day's vacation and made a reservation for The Calvinator to be boarded because no one knew how long we would be at City Hall on May 28.

The morning of the 28th we arrived and were hunkered down.  There were 200+ people who spoke that day and only about 26 people spoke against the ordinance.

The most confusing thing I saw was the group of opponents who walked out en masse shortly after the public hearing began.  I guess they went to join the group of protesters who were outside of City Hall.  We could hear them inside the building chanting and praying.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the opponents.  I was prepared to be the Tracy Turnblad of the day.

When it was all said and done, the ordinance passed 11-6.  The biggest disappointment of the day was Dwight Boykins who represents District D.  He had previously stated in writing that if this ordinance was presented, he would vote in favor of it.  The day of the vote he said he wouldn't vote in favor of it because he didn't like the process.  That's fine.  I hope someone runs against him in the next election because I will donate to that person's campaign.  The other 5 no votes weren't a surprise.

It was interesting to see who testified in favor of the ordinance.  Lorraine Wulfe I think surprised me the most and I greatly appreciate her comments and support.  The Houston chapter of NAACP gave their endorsement.  Dean Douglas spoke and was very eloquent and distinguished with his comments.  He obviously had the respect of many of the council members.

There is a whole team of people who rallied the troops.  If I begin to list them, I will forget someone and then feel really bad.  If you want to listen to my comments that day, click here and go to 39:18.
If you'd like to view my tweets for the day, look for my handle @absolutrunnr and scroll to May 28.

As an FYI, this isn't over.  The opponents are going to try and get it on the ballot and have it repealed.  The troops need to stay rallied and be prepared to hunker down again.

Januari Leo, Amanda William and me being photo bombed by Equality in our selfie.
I decided that after a long day, I deserved a Sonic Cherry Limeade with some Tito's Vodka!

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